This Bed Floats on a Magnetic Field!

Some people do complain that they get sea-sick when sleeping on a water bed, but that is such old news. Now a Reddit user with the handle ‘mememetatata’ has come up with a creation as wacky as the nickname. With $1,000, he built a floating bed that can comfortably sleep one person due to the fact that two people would make the rig collapse. The bed is held up by a magnetic field created by neodymium rare earth magnets; which are said to be the strongest type of permanent magnets made, below the bed itself.

According to him, the hardest part of the construction was separating both the magnet discs which were as large as hockey pucks and somehow got stuck together on its journey to his home. To stop the bed from drifting off its base, mememetatata used thick steel cables to anchor it in place within the confinement of the magnetic field. That basically means that although the bed is anchored down, it does move about, just not to an area where the magnetic field would not exist.

It is apparently capable of supporting 250 pounds but the setup looks like it takes as much space as a king-sized bed would take. With that said however, it doesn’t take anything away from the innovation displayed in the creation. What do you think about the levitating bed besides the fact that you wouldn’t want to lie on it if you had any piercings attached to your body?

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