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Reddit Just Launched Their Own Version Of Clubhouse
Clubhouse is the hit social media app that launched not too long ago, and it seems that instead of companies rushing to try and acquire them, we’re actually seeing social media platforms try to create their own version. Now it looks like Reddit wants in on the fun as well as the company has announced Reddit Talk.

Hedge Fund Company Now Hiring r/WallStreetBets Redditors
A couple of weeks ago, subreddit r/WallStreetBets made headlines around the world when the collective efforts of its members helped drive GameStop stock prices to record highs. It also caused many other investors, particularly those who shorted GameStop’s stocks, to lose a ton of money in the process.

GameStop’s Astronomical Share Prices Have Managed To Attract The Attention Of Congress
Recently, it seems that a bunch of Redditors on the subreddit WallStreetBets have been actively buying GameStop’s shares. The efforts by the Redditors have managed to drive the share prices up to $4 to a stagger $200, which resulted in some hedge fund managers, who had shorted GameStop’s stocks, losing a ton of money in the process.

A Subreddit Managed To Drive GameStop’s Share Prices Up By 1,700%
Reddit is a place where people go to to discuss all kinds of things, whether it be about movies, video games, anime, business, DIY tips, and so on. It is also home to subreddits for investors who are interested in getting into the game, with users sharing tips and advice with each other.


Reddit Reveals Daily Active User Count For The First Time Ever
One of the reasons why Reddit is as popular as it is is because it kind of solved the problem with internet forums. With internet forums, you’d have to go to various websites and try to find the one that’s suited to your needs and topics, and it might be hard to try and keep track of all of it.

Reddit Will Stop Copying Your Clipboard In Upcoming iOS Update
Apple loves touting the privacy of their products, and iOS 14 actually does a pretty good job of that by notifying users whenever an app accesses the clipboard on their devices. For those unfamiliar, the clipboard is basically where whenever you copy a text (or image or file) is stored temporarily.

Reddit Reverses Course On Its Subreddit Chat Room Feature
The other day, Reddit announced that they would be introducing a new “Start Chatting” feature for subreddits. Basically these are chat rooms that exist within subreddits, where small groups of users can gather and chat at the same time, thus saving the time from having to send direct messages or joining a Discord server.

Reddit Launches Chat Rooms For Subreddits
If you wanted to chat with users on a subreddit, you would need to message them individually, or hop onto a Discord channel. However, in a bid to keep users on its website, Reddit has announced a new feature called “Start Chatting” which basically brings chat rooms to subreddits.

Twitter Is Testing Reddit-Like Threaded Conversations
If you’ve ever used or looked at Twitter, you know that the social network’s design isn’t exactly the most intuitive, especially when you’re looking at replies and comments on tweets. However, in the past, Twitter has been testing out different ways to approach the conversations that users have on its platform.

Reddit Users Will Now Be Able To Share Content Directly To Snapchat
If you’ve an avid Redditor and use Snapchat quite frequently, you’ll be pleased to learn that thanks to an update to the Reddit app, it appears that you will now be able to share Reddit posts directly to Snapchat. While sharing Reddit posts isn’t new, this is more than just users copying and pasting a link.

Reddit Reveals Security Breach, Recommends Users Enable 2FA
If you’ve been a long-time Reddit user, perhaps it’s time to consider changing your password or maybe enabling two-factor authentication. This is because in an announcement on Reddit, the company has revealed that they have discovered a security breach and are now recommending that users update their security options.

Redditors Will No Longer Be Able To Make Bitcoin Payments
Reddit was one of the earlier adopters of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It allowed users to pay for premium membership by using Bitcoin, but it appears that is no longer an option as the company has recently disabled the option. The good news is that it is possible that this could be temporary.

Reddit Bans Communities From Trading/Selling Firearms
Recently YouTube announced a change in their policies where videos that sell guns or provide links to websites that sell guns will be banned. It looks like YouTube is not alone in trying to cut down the accessibility to guns because in a post on Reddit in an update on their policy, the self-proclaimed front page of the internet is also banning the sales of firearms.

Reddit Two-Factor Authentication Available To All
Reddit two-factor authentication is now being rolled out to all users. The site has been testing this additional layer of security with moderators, beta users, and third-party app developers for months. All Reddit users can finally protect their accounts using two-factor authentication. It works across mobile, desktop, and third-party apps. The security feature requires users to use an authenticator app like Authy, Google Authenticator or any such app that has […]

Reddit Helps Reunite Man With His Lost Nintendo Switch
We know that sinking feeling you get when you realize that your gadget that costs hundreds of dollars has gone missing. It is a terrible feeling, and one that a man by the name of Juan experienced while in the airport at Frankfurt, Germany. However this story has a happy ending, thanks to the Reddit community.

Reddit Testing Direct Video Uploads Onto Its Website
Pup makes most important decision of his life. from awwFor the longest time since its inception, Reddit usually required users to turn to third-party hosting services if they wanted to upload photos or videos. However last year the company started to allow users to upload photos directly to its website, thus making it easier for users and also make it a less complicated situation.

Reddit Is Redesigning Itself To Look More lIke Facebook And Twitter
Reddit, a website which bills itself as the frontpage of the internet certainly looks like it might have been designed by Microsoft FrontPage. It is a functional design but compared to today’s more modern websites, it does feel kind of old and outdated. However that is expected to change in the future as the website is undergoing a redesign.

Reddit To Experiment With Proper Profile Pages
Can Reddit be thought of as a social network similar to that of Facebook and Twitter? We suppose in certain ways it can, although for the most part it does feel more like a gigantic forum than anything. That being said, it seems that Reddit is making some changes to its platform by experimenting with “proper” profile pages.

Valve’s Gabe Newell To Host Reddit AMA Session Tomorrow
Have you ever wanted to ask Valve’s co-founder and president Gabe Newell what’s up with Half-Life 3? If you did, you’re probably not alone, and you’re also probably not going to be alone when it comes to that question because it has been announced tomorrow, Newell will be hosting a Reddit AMA session.

A Group Of Redditors Have Created A ‘Stock Market’ For Memes
The meme is something of an internet phenomenon and it’s something that’s hard to explain, but most people still get it anyway. Of course over the years we’ve seen the rise and fall of all kinds of memes, where a meme that used to be considered popular last year is suddenly no longer cool to be used.