Pain – it is something that we would hate to live with constantly, and yet it is essential in helping us stay alive, especially in situations where we need to know which part of our body is hurting so that we can seek the proper medical help. One thing about plasters as a kid which will always live in my memory is this – once a particular wound or cut has healed, peeling out the plaster is another matter altogether – do I want the slow but painful method of removal, or should I opt for the “pull it once, and pull it fast” yank that causes a stab of pain to surge through my body? Choices, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Enter this biodegradable plaster that does away with such a rhetorical question. Just how does it work?

Since this biodegradable plaster is made out of starch, there is no need to remove it. It will gradually break down and be transformed into glucose for the body to absorb it safely. This is also a step up for potential manufacturing processes when it comes to making toilet paper and napkins that are environmentally friendly down the road. The researchers of this biodegradable plaster have already filed a patent on their breakthrough, so we might just see this new type of plaster hit pharmacies and supermarkets soon.

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