Remember the Canon 5D Mk III LCD light leak issue? Well, it seems that Canon has halted all shipments of the Canon 5D Mk III until this particular light leak issue is fixed, and when the new shipments of the “fixed” Canon 5D Mk III cameras were opened, all Canon did was to introduce an extremely black tape to cover the circuit boards, in addition to plastering another piece over the top LCD light. Well, you know what they say – whatever works, and this works just fine, I would say that the case is closed. In fact, someone managed to rip open the shell of the Canon 5D Mk III and discovered what we talked about above. Initial tests of the new Canon 5D Mk III that saw it being put through the paces in a dark room more or less confirmed that there is no more allowance for light leaks. Another problem has been relegated to the “Case Solved” cabinet.

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