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iPhone 5 versus Canon EOS 5D MK III in camera shoot out
With our smartphone cameras these days being more than capable of replacing some point-and-shoot models, we’re sure that there are some who are wondering how our smartphone cameras will hold up against more professional DSLR cameras. Dustin Curtis of Svbtle decided to put Apple’s latest iPhone 5 to the test by holding an informal shoot with the Canon EOS 5D MK III, a $4,000 professional grade camera.How did it fare? […]

Canon 5D Mk III LCD light leak issue fixed
Remember the Canon 5D Mk III LCD light leak issue? Well, it seems that Canon has halted all shipments of the Canon 5D Mk III until this particular light leak issue is fixed, and when the new shipments of the “fixed” Canon 5D Mk III cameras were opened, all Canon did was to introduce an extremely black tape to cover the circuit boards, in addition to plastering another piece over […]

Canon reportedly halting 5D Mk III shipments until light leak issue has been resolved
Remember a few days ago we reported that some Canon 5D Mk III’s were facing some LCD light leak issues? Canon has since acknowledged the issue but has yet to come up with a solution. In the mean time according to reports, it seems that Canon has apparently halted the shipments of the 5D Mk III cameras to both the US and Canada. The shipments have apparently been halted as […]

Canon sends invites for 2nd of March event, 5D MK III announcement imminent?
Heads up Canon fans, if you have been meaning to upgrade your camera to the Canon 5D MK III, it looks like your wait is almost over! Pictured above is the invite that Canon is sending out the various media, indicating that an event will be taking place on the 2nd of March. While it did not specifically mention the launch of the 5D MK III, the 2nd of March […]


Canon 5D MK III images surface online
About a week ago, we reported that the Canon 5D MK III was rumored to see its release on the 27th of February. Obviously the date has come and gone and we still have nothing to show for it, or do we? While the release date of the camera still remains a mystery, what we do have are some photos of the device which ultimately confirms the 5D MK III […]

Canon 5D MK III rumored for 27th February launch
We had previously reported that Canon’s next-generation 5D DSLR could be launching in March, but it seems that a fresh set of rumors is pegging the launch date of the Canon 5D MK III (or whatever it’s going to be called) for the 27th (or 28th depending which time zone you’re in) of February. The rumor has also outed the specifications of the upcoming camera, some of which seems to […]

Canon 5D MK III rumored to be announced in March
Canon DSLR owners out there, if you’re thinking of making an upgrade to one of Canon’s top of the line DSLR cameras, the Canon 5D MK II (pictured above), you might want to hold off on that purchase just yet as rumor has it the Canon 5D MK III will be launch some time in March after Japan’s CP+ show. Given it has been a while since the 5D MK […]