Given how many fans the Elder Scrolls franchise has, we’re sure that there are many gamers out there who might be excited at the prospect of the MMO version of the game. However given the nature of computer games, with the release of every new game, the system requirements climb higher and higher, so some of you guys are probably worried that you might not be able to play the Elder Scrolls MMO unless you buy a new computer. Well fret not as ZeniMax Online Studios has revealed that for the Elder Scrolls MMO, they will not be utilizing the HeroEngine (used in games like SWTOR) and will instead be using a new and unnamed engine.

So what’s the big deal, some of you might ask? Speaking to the folks at Game Informer, the game’s director Matt Firor revealed that this new engine was created specifically for Elder Scrolls Online. Not only would this engine make the game “tighter and more stable”, but will allow the game to run on a wide variety of systems.

“Our plan is to have ESO run on just about any PC or Mac – laptops included – that have been bought in the last five years. Of course the better your computer’s graphics capability, the better the game looks, but we want to be sure that just about anyone can play the game and have a great time exploring Tamriel.”

Sounds great! Gamers if you have a rig that has been bought/built in the 5 year time frame, it looks like you guys will have no issues (assuming you meet the minimum hardware requirements) playing Elder Scrolls Online albeit not at maxed out settings.

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