We’re not in the habit of covering sculptures, but when it’s a computer casing that has been disguised as a computer sculpture, well, that’s just something we had to sit up and take a look at! This robot sculpture, safe to say, is a custom job. Unfortunately its creator did not leave many details about the sculpture nor its internals, although taking a peek at the various photos have revealed the sculpture to be packing a Radeon 6950, a MSI XPower II motherboard along with an Intel Core-i7 quad-core processor.

Interestingly it seems that the casing/sculpture is almost as big, if not bigger than your averaged sized person! We can only imagine how scary it might be to walk into a room face-to-face with this menacing robot armed with a chain gun, and just how long it would take to piece something like this together. According to its creator, it took him two days with some welding work along with a liter of vodka. We have to admit that as far as PC cases are concerned, this has to be the coolest! If you’d like to see the rest of the photos, head on over to the Bit-Tech forums.

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