Giant shopping cart ferries people in Texas

They say that everything is larger in Texas, and I don’t suppose that this is too far from the truth considering how even a shopping cart was designed to impress a whole lot of people with its sheer size – Texans included. The behemoth of a H-E-B shopping cart has caught the eyes of the residents at the southern state, and just to get a better idea on the local context, here is a stripped down description. Basically, H-E-B is a supermarket chain which relies on a Texas-sized shopping cart to roll down the street, making sure that such a loud form of advertising and promotion will be able to attract the attention of folks in town. Capable of fitting in far more people than your average sedan (we are talking about over 10 adults here), the downside to it would be, I’m guessing here, the amount of gas this thing runs on. Surely it is not going to achieve very good mileage, considering the lack of aerodynamic streamlining, no?

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