google tv 2.0

Earlier today, in an event in Palo Alto, California, Google and Sony revealed their new Google TV 2.0 which also comes with a double-sided remote. The folks over at Phandroid had a friend who was present at the event and informed them about it along with a few pictures. The set-top-box (STB) comes with a completely re-designed double-sided remote that includes a multi-touch trackpad on one side and a full QWERTY keyboard on the other.

sony google tv remote control

Not much is known about the specifications attached to this new device and the attendees were only allowed to admire the aesthetics of the device. The STB with its funky and cool new remote is expected to be released in the summer but for now there are no pricing details yet. Reportedly, we might be hearing more about it in Google I/O. If you feel like the brief videos embedded here are not enough to satisfy you, you can always click here to watch the event’s Hangout on Air for more details. When Sony’s Google TV 2.0 is released, would consider using it or do you feel that it is still not good enough?

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