New Images Of The Google Pixel 3 XL Leaked

We have been seeing various Pixel leaks for a while now, and thanks to a post on Twitter by user Ishan Agarwal, it seems that we have more Google Pixel 3 XL photos that we can check out to get an idea of what the phone could look like in real life, so take a look below if you’re curious.

Google Working On Dark Mode For Chrome, But Only For macOS

Dark mode is something that we’re starting to see more these days as options within apps and services. For example YouTube has a dark mode for both the desktop and mobile app, and now it looks like Google Chrome could soon be getting the same treatment. However the catch is that for now, it appears that dark mode for Chrome could be a macOS-only feature.

New Renders Of Upcoming Google Pixelbook Leaked

We have been hearing rumors that Google is planning to launch a new Pixelbook device. Just a couple of weeks ago, a video surfaced which showed the alleged device. Now thanks to the folks at About Chromebooks, it seems that they have managed to get their hands on what appears to be renders of the tablet/laptop hybrid.

Bing For The Web Now Supports Google’s AMP

Google’s AMP is slowly making its rounds on the web on mobile devices where users browsing Google Search can find articles that “instantly” load. However for the most part it does require users to use Google Search in order to take advantage of it, but now according to Microsoft, they have announced that Bing will also support it.


Google Family Link Lets Parents Turn Off Their Teen’s Phone Remotely

Worried that your teens might be spending way too much time on their smartphones? Or do you just want them to put them down at the dinner table? Google’s got your back. It has added new features to its Family Link app which enable parents to remotely turn off their teen’s smartphone. Family Link is a hub for parental control that was launched by Google last year. It enabled the […]

Google Will Provide More Accurate Location Data To 911 Call Centers

More accurate location data will enable emergency services to reach people in need quickly and thus help them out in a timely manner. It could be the matter of life and death for some people. To aid in these efforts, Google will now be providing more accurate location data to 911 call centers of callers who use Android smartphones.

Google Will Be Shutting Down YouTube Gaming’s Dedicated Website

Several years ago, Google launched YouTube Gaming which is basically the company’s answer to platforms such as Twitch. However given that plenty of gamers had been streaming and posting game content on regular YouTube for a while now, YouTube Gaming just felt like a dedicated space for such content that made it easier to find what you wanted.

Google Maps For CarPlay Is Finally Here

The iOS 12 update was released just yesterday and one of the features of the update that some have been anticipating, is support for third-party mapping interfaces for CarPlay. This means that if you’re using CarPlay and you’d rather not use Apple Maps, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can now use Google Maps as an alternative.

Google Home Hub Smart Display Leaked

Google Assistant-powered smart displays have only been released by third-parties so far but Google will soon release its own smart display powered by its AI assistant. Newly leaked photos show that the device will be called the Home Hub and it’s likely going to be unveiled alongside the new Pixel smartphones at Google’s October event.

Google Brings Android To Cars With The Largest Auto Group

Google is teaming up with the world’s largest auto group – Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance – to bring Android OS to cars. These companies ship the most number of cars globally every year and this partnership will enable Google to tap into that and have millions of cars running its Android operating system. Android will be behind the infotainment and navigation systems in these cars. The systems will enable drivers to access […]

US Lawmakers Want To Know Google’s Plans If They Return To China

A report from last month revealed that Google could be planning to return to China with a new search engine that would basically comply with the country’s censorship policies. Now it seems that US lawmakers are curious as to what Google plans to do should they return to China, and whether or not they will comply with China’s policies.

Google Shutting Down Gmail Offline Chrome App This December

Inbox isn’t the only email client that Google will be discontinuing in the near future. The company has confirmed that it’s also going to shut down the Gmail Offline app from Chrome OS in the coming months. This app will go away sooner than Inbox, which is scheduled for sunset in March 2019. The Gmail Offline Chrome app is going to be discontinued this December.

Google Inbox To Be Shut Down Next Year

It was back in 2014 that Google’s Gmail team launched an experimental email app called Inbox. It worked with users’ existing Gmail addresses but provided a different user experience compared to the main app. The app was developed with mobile devices in mind with the features to match. However, the experiment seems to be over as Google is reportedly going to shut down Inbox next year.

Samsung And Google Support Richer Text Messaging Between Their Apps

Like many of Google’s OEM partners, Samsung has its own set of native apps on its Android-powered devices. In a bid to provide a richer text messaging experience to all users, both Samsung and Google have announced that they are working together to improve messaging experiences and interoperability between Samsung Messages and Android Messages.