Google Releases ‘Age Of Sail’ Film In VR

Virtual reality (VR) is expected to be one of the futures of entertainment. Google themselves have been dabbling in the technology and to showcase how VR can be enjoyed, Google Spotlight Stories has since released a new film for VR called “Age of Sail”. The short is directed by Academy Award winner John Kahrs who also behind the popular Disney Paperman short.

Chromecasts Get Speaker Group Support On Google Home

These days we’re starting to see companies create connected speakers with support for multi-room audio. Being able to group these speakers and control them in a group makes a lot of sense, but for some reason, Google would not allow Chromecasts could not be grouped together, at least until now.

Alleged Photo Of Budget ‘Pixel 3 Lite’ Surfaces

Ahead of Google announcing the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, there was a rumor suggesting that Google could be launching not just two, but three Pixel smartphones for 2018. However the announcement came and went with only two Pixel 3 devices, but now newly leaked photos suggest otherwise.

Google’s Wear OS ‘H’ Update Focuses On Better Battery Life

If there is still a reason why people aren’t as quick to adopt a smartwatch is because of battery life. When you consider the fact that traditional timepieces need a change of battery maybe once every few years (some models are self-charging), the idea that you can only use your smartwatch for 1-2 days before it dies is a bit off-putting.


Fix Incoming For Pixel 3’s Buzzing Speakers

Last month Pixel 3 users were reporting that they were experiencing buzzing noises coming from the speakers on their phones. The good news is that if you are experiencing a similar problem on your Pixel 3, it appears that Google is aware of the problem and that a fix is in the works, according to an update from Android Police who confirmed it with Google.

Google Phone App Beta Gets Dark Mode Feature

Several months ago, Google hinted that dark mode would be coming to its Phone app for Android (the dialler app for Android). The company did not state when exactly the feature would be launched, but the good news is that it looks like we could be getting close as some users who are using the beta version of the app are seeing the feature.

Inbox Users Are Being Reminded To Switch To Gmail

Managing one’s inbox can be quite a difficult thing to do if you receive a ton of emails on a daily basis. This is an area that Google tried to manage by launching its Inbox platform several years ago, where the idea is that it will help make email “smarter” by automatically sorting and organizing your emails into various categories.

Google Developing Fix For Pixel 3’s Disappearing Messages Bug

There have been a few complaints recently from Pixel 3 owners about SMS text messages disappearing for now apparent reason. Google has now acknowledged that this issue does affect some Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 handsets. The company is developing a fix which should be out in the near future to quash this bug for good.

Google Assistant New Features for the Holidays

Google Assistant launched at Google I/O 2016 as the software for Google Home, the nemesis of Amazon Echo and its voice operated software Alexa. Since that day, countless new Google Assistant features and new compatible devices have been released. Today, Google Assistant is rolling out new features for the holidays, some will be available immediately and others in a few weeks. We met the product team in charge of Google […]

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Android Go Handset Announced

While high-end smartphones certainly make for better news and publicity, and also does a good job of showing off a company’s technology, the price of such devices typically means that there are a good number of customers out there who cannot afford them, such as those living in developing countries.

Some Pixel 3 Owners Are Reporting Screen Flickering Issues

When Google launched their Pixel phones, the company ran into various QA issues with the handset where users were reporting a multitude of bugs and hardware issues. This continued with the Pixel 2, and now it looks like the Pixel 3 is also suffering from various hardware and software problems as well.

Android Update Forces ‘Night Mode’ When Battery Saver Is Enabled

Google loves the color white. The majority of Google’s apps and services on both the web and mobile use a lot of white in its design, which we can’t say we blame them for using because it does help to create a very clean and minimalist look which helps in the app’s overall user-friendliness.

Project Fi Now Offers Improved Security With Google-Run VPN

Project Fi, Google’s mobile carrier, can’t make a blanket privacy policy for its network since it actually relies on third-parties like Sprint and T-Mobile for network service. What it can do is improve the security of data before it actually passes through the network. It has thus decided to enhance the VPN technology for Project Fi that’s offered by Google.

A Few Pixel 3 Owners Complain About Vanishing Text Messages

It’s not uncommon for new devices to have issues that need to be ironed out with quick fixes but the Pixel 3 appears to have more than its fair share of such issues. A few reports of issues with the Pixel 3 include overheating while charging, aggressively killing background apps or issues with the Pixel stand. Some owners are now claiming that their text messages are vanishing for no apparent […]