Google Spends $40 Million On Mystery Smartwatch Tech From Fossil

The Fossil Group has pumped out dozens of Wear OS (Android Wear) based smartwatches over the years so it has been a great partner for Google’s wearable ambitions. The two companies have now inked an agreement which has Google acquiring some undisclosed smartwatch technology from Fossil for $40 million. The folks in the research and development division who created this technology will also be moving over to Google.

How To Add Contacts To Gmail

In web-based email clients such as the Outlook Web App, adding contacts to your contact list is pretty simple and straightforward and it’s right within the Outlook app itself. However for some reason, this isn’t necessarily the case for Google’s Gmail platform. If you’re trying to find a way to add contacts via Gmail, you should probably stop because the option is not there.

Google Maps Testing Out Speed Trap Icons With Alerts

Speed traps are designed to catch drivers who are speeding when they are not supposed to. While we shouldn’t be speeding in the first place, sometimes being over by a little is enough to trigger these cameras which results in a fine that many probably would have liked to avoid in the first place.

Leaked Early Android Q Build Hints At Desktop Mode

Recently the folks at XDA managed to get their hands on what is apparently an internal build of Android Q, and based on their findings, it seems that one of the features is that it might finally bring system-wide dark mode to Android. However another feature that they discovered is that Android Q could also introduce a desktop mode for Android.


Google To Remove Unapproved Apps That Use Call Log/SMS Permissions

Sometimes when Android apps ask for permission, it can be a little scary and daunting if you’re not familiar with why they are asking for it. For example if a calculator app you downloaded asked for permissions to access your messages and photos, it doesn’t make sense and sounds downright suspicious, doesn’t it?

Google Testing Out Coffee Delivery By Drones In Australia

Is drone delivery the future of deliveries? We know that some companies are already working on such technology, and a recent video published by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that over in the state of Canberra, Australia, Google is already testing out and making deliveries by autonomous drones.

Google’s One Storage Plans Are Rolling Out To More Countries

In the early part of 2018, Google announced a new cloud storage service called Google One. This is basically the paid version of Google Drive where users can pay a subscription to add on more storage to their cloud accounts if they want to. The initial roll out of the service was a bit limited at the start, but now it seems to have reached more users.

YouTube To Remove Automatic Twitter, Google+ Sharing Tools

If you’re a YouTube creator who uses the platform’s automatic sharing tools to share the videos you’ve uploaded, the bad news is that you will now have two less options in the form of Twitter and Google+. This was revealed by Google on their support page where they stated that automatic sharing on Twitter and Google+ would end at the end of the month.

The Evo Type Is A Keyboard Case For The Pixel 3 XL

Remember back in the early days of the smartphone where more than one manufacturer still believed that people wanted physical keys for their phones? Those days are pretty much behind us, but if you still think that a smartphone with a physical keyboard holds some merit, then you might want to check out tech21’s Evo Type.

Google’s Chromecast Audio Has Been Discontinued

While we’re seeing a rise in Bluetooth speakers, there are many audiophiles out there who might prefer using “regular” wired speakers with the belief that wired audio is better than wireless audio as far as quality is concerned. Google’s Chromecast Audio was a way for users to own a wired speaker system but also give users an option to stream wirelessly.

Nokia Details The Process Of An Android Update

Due to the fact that many manufacturers release Android updates at different times, it can leave a feeling of uncertainty amongst users, where some might be wondering where the heck is their update, and whether or not they will get an update. Now in a post on HMD’s website, they detail what goes on behind the process of an update.

Google’s Public DNS Will Now Work With Android 9.0 Pie

There are many reasons why users will want to change their DNS. A good reason is privacy where using another DNS could prevent your ISP from tracking what you are doing. Another reason is that it allows users to bypass certain blocks or restrictions that their ISP might have in place, like access to certain websites.

Wikipedia Integrates Google Translate To Make Editing Easier

Wikipedia offers up articles in a variety of languages to cater to users around the world who do not necessarily speak English. However that progress has been somewhat slow due to the translation tool that the website uses, but that could change soon because Wikipedia has announced that they will be integrating Google Translate into their translation tool.

Chrome’s Disruptive Ad Filters To Rollout Worldwide This July

Last year Google announced that they would be rolling out ad blocking features to its Chrome browser where it would block ads that are deemed disruptive. The initial rollout only covered sites in North America and Europe, but Google has since announced plans to do the same to cover the rest of the world.