If you are happyand want to celebrate something, then having some ice cream would be one way of doing so, while those who are feeling particularly down and would like to indulge in a little bit of comfort food can always dig into some ice cream as well. Unfortunately, not everyone has special freezers that keep ice cream at the optimal temperature, so sometimes, digging into a frozen tub could end up being an extremely frustrating experience. Japanese architect and designer Naoki Terada figured out that this first world problem has a solution in the form of the 15.0% answer.


Basically, “15.0%” is Terada’s full solution (sounds confusing, yes, but hold on for his explanation), where his set of heat-conducting ice cream spoons will be known as 15.0% simply because Japanese regulations mention that ice cream must contain at least 15.0% milk solids, and so sharing a similar image as that of ice cream might help it sell even more.

Forged from the fire of Mt. Doom, wait a minute, it is the wrong script. Made from solid aluminum that has a thermal conductivity of 237 W/mK, these 15% spoons will have the right amount of conductivity to draw heat from your hand and send it over to the ice cream, melting it accordingly so that you can dig in with pure, unadulterated bliss. Too bad these ice cream spoons won’t come cheap at around $39.25.

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