Last week we reported that Leica had unveiled a range of new cameras, two of which are part of the company’s limited edition “Edition Hermès” series of cameras. Depending on which model you chose, you could expect to fork out either $25,000 or $50,000 for the pleasure of owning the limited edition device. We’re sure many are wondering why on earth are the cameras so expensive, and who would buy them? While we have no idea who would fork out so much money for such cameras, we discovered one of the reasons why they might be so expensive.

Limited edition status aside, Leica has released a video which is basically the “making of” process of the Edition Hermès cameras. Based on what we’ve seen, a lot of hard work was put into the cameras and quite a fair bit was done by hand. This includes the stitching and cutting of the leather used on the cameras, the painting of individual numbers on the lenses, glueing, treatment, etc. Does this justify the exorbitant prices? Well the depends on the photographer and whether their pockets are deep enough, but if you’ve ever been curious as to the sort of work put into the creation of these cameras, be sure to check out the video above.

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