Pacifier Activated Lullaby for preemies encourage them to suckPremature babies need plenty of love and care, and they do go through a critical period before their condition stabilizes. Well, one thing premature babies lack is the skill known as “non-nutritive sucking,” where it is said to be critical to one’s breathing, feeding, and self-comfort. In order to make sure that premature babies pick up this skill, the folks at the Florida State University and Powers Device Technologies have managed to work on a simple device that targets preemies, known as the Pacifier Activated Lullaby, that will play music each time the baby sucks on it properly. This is a kind of encouragement so that the baby in question will then be soothed by the tunes, and learn how to maintain the proper and right sucking technique so that it can pull through the next few weeks safely.

So far, research studies have pointed that the use of Pacifier Activated Lullaby will be able to lower the number of days a premature infant’s hospital stay by an average number of five days. How does the Pacifier Activated Lullaby work? It relies on a specially wired pacifier as well as a speaker in order to deliver musical reinforcement each time it is correctly sucked.

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