Now it might be a while before Google’s Project Glass actually becomes a commercial product that we can buy off the shelves, but in the mean time if a head mounted display is what you’re looking for, Silicon Micro’s ST1080 Display is now available for purchase, assuming that you’re willing to fork out $799 for it of course. The gadget was revealed last year in December and is a head mounted display that has been designed to offer the user native 1080p viewing. On top of that, these glasses will also be able to handle both 2D and 3D content, providing its wearer with a 100” display at a virtual 100 foot range. and thanks to the lens’s 10% transparency, augmented reality features are also an option. The ST1080 will also come with a pair of earphones that features 24bit stereo audio. Either way if you’d like to learn more about Silicon Micro’s ST1080 head mounted display, head on over to is website for the details and where you will also be able to pick one up for yourself.

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