lawsuitThere have been a couple of cases in the past where parents have racked up huge bills thanks to their kids spending their money via in-app purchases. These sort of purchases are common and can be found in a variety of games these days. This allows players to purchase gear or equipment that will enhance their character’s power, or it will simply provide a cosmetic change. Either way it can get tempting and it seems that it has been tempting enough for an 11-year old boy to resort of theft. According to reports, the police in Xianning County have found that an 11-year old boy, “Cheng” was responsible for the theft of 20,000RMB (~$3,141) from a woman named Li. After an interrogation process that reportedly took five hours, he finally caved in and admitted that he stole the money to play online games and to buy in-game items. Luckily for Li, Cheng did not spend all of the money and had only spent about $266 before he was caught. Either way it is still a lot of money for in-game purchases. So what do you guys think of in-game purchases, and if you have ever indulged, how much do you think you’ve spent so far?

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