At the Cupertino City Council Meeting in November last year, Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs presented his vision of a spaceship-like campus that can hold around 2,000 employees in one building. During his 21-minute presentation, everyone listened as Jobs ironed out his vision in spectacular detail. He mentioned that the new campus will be designed by some of the best architects in the world and that they have plans of doubling the number of trees in the area as well. Jobs also mentioned that it will feature an auditorium, a fitness center, an R&D facility and an underground parking area. “It’s going to be a zillion times better than now,” Jobs said. When asked for a specific timeline, he said that Apple wants to break around in 2012 and they want to move in 2015.

Yesterday, the city of Cupertino has just released Apple’s fourth set of revised documents highlighting in depth details of the new campus. The revised document showed more  visual improvement added to their floor plans as well as some tweaks. TechCrunch notes that the circular building’s underground auditorium now appears to be housed in a more conventional rectangular room contrary to its previous design that featured a large circular room connected to an adjoining circular room. If all goes according to plan, the new spaceship-like Cupertino campus will be fully functional in 2015. You can check out the Apple’s updated Campus 2 Project here.

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