AirPower Referenced In iPhone Xs Packaging & iOS 12.1 Code

Many are wondering what will happen to the AirPower wireless charging pad from Apple. It was expected to be officially launched at Apple’s iPhone event last week, but that clearly did not happen. In fact mentions of the AirPower accessory were subsequently removed from Apple’s website, and was followed by reports claiming that the device was “doomed” as it was plagued by all kinds of technical problems.

iPhone XR Will Use Algorithms To Achieve Bokeh Effects For Its Photos

While the iPhone Xs and Xs Max continue to employ the use of the dual camera setup, the cheaper iPhone XR will be using a single camera. We’re sure many are wondering if the single camera will be capable of capturing the same bokeh-like effects compared to dual camera handsets.

Apple Is Giving Its iPhone Users A ‘Trust Score’

Given that there are millions of iPhone users out there, how does one differentiate the “good” from the “bad”? In a bid to help prevent fraudulent purchases from the iTunes Store or fraudulent activity in general, it seems that Apple has decided to roll out a “trust score” rating for iOS users.

iPhone Xs Teardown Confirms Single L-Shaped Battery

Ahead of the new iPhones being announced, it was rumored that Apple could be adopting a new battery design. With the iPhone X, Apple introduced a large battery which was accomplished by using an L-shaped battery design. However this required two separate batteries that formed an L-shape.


Activity Trackers Now Required For John Hancock Life Insurance

In the past we have seen how some insurance companies have actually encouraged their customers to use devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit fitness trackers. They even offered customers incentives for meeting certain health/fitness goals. However it seems that for some insurance companies, fitness trackers are now mandatory.

HomePod Is Reportedly Dominating The Premium Smart Speaker Market

When Apple announced the HomePod, they priced it above what most smart speakers were priced at the moment. According to Apple, they claimed that the HomePod wasn’t so much a smart speaker but a set of really good speakers. We’re sure that many are wondering how its doing, and it turns out they’re doing pretty well.

Some iPhone X Cases Might Not Work With The iPhone Xs

In terms of design, the iPhone Xs looks more or less like its predecessor from last year, the iPhone X. It features a similar design, a screen with exactly the same dimensions, and a dual camera setup on the back. This means that technically you should be able to use cases for the iPhone X with the iPhone Xs.

Test Finds That iOS 12 Improves Performance On Older iPhones

iOS adoption over the years has slowed down somewhat. This is because in previous updates, Apple’s QC has been slightly questionable which resulted in phones performing worse after updates, or being hit with a ton of annoying bugs. If those are some of the reasons that makes you hold back from adopting the recently released iOS 12, perhaps this might change your mind.

iOS 12.1 Beta Hints At Support For 4K External Display

If you’re planning on getting a new iPad, you might want to hold off because it’s starting to sound like the 2018 iPad refreshes could be a major one. Not only have we heard and seen potential signs that Face ID could be coming to the iPad, but now a tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith has suggested support for 4K external displays as well.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Director Shoots Short Film Using Only The iPhone Xs Max

When Apple announced their new iPhones, unsurprisingly they also touted the new and upgraded cameras on the devices. For those who are wondering what kind of stuff you might be able to capture using the new iPhones, you might be interested to check out the short film in the video above.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature Was Almost Not Announced

One of the key features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 is the built-in ECG monitoring tool. According to Apple’s announcement, they claim that they were given a De Novo classification by the FDA for the feature, which allowed them to announce it at the event. However it seems that they almost couldn’t.

2019’s iPhones Will Feature A Much Smaller Notch

When the iPhone X was launched last year, many seemed to criticize the design of the device no thanks to the notch in its display. However there were also many who said that eventually users would learn to ignore it. Unfortunately due to the technology required for the front portion of the phone, the notch is something that not just Apple, but other Android OEMs cannot avoid.

iOS 12.1 Beta Supports Face ID In Landscape Mode

We have been hearing rumors that the 2018 iPads are expected to feature the use of Face ID, a security feature that was introduced to 2017’s iPhone X. While it was a rumor, there have been signs that it might actually be true, thanks to code sightings spotted in iOS 12. Now it looks like there could be more evidence of that happening.

Google Maps For CarPlay Is Finally Here

The iOS 12 update was released just yesterday and one of the features of the update that some have been anticipating, is support for third-party mapping interfaces for CarPlay. This means that if you’re using CarPlay and you’d rather not use Apple Maps, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can now use Google Maps as an alternative.