Apple’s AirTags Will Have An Anti-Stalker Feature
Apple is rumored to be launching their new AirTags accessory possibly this month. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the AirTags are a tracking accessory similar to Tile, but instead of regular Bluetooth, it will reportedly use UWB that is meant to be more accurate when it comes to pinpointing the location.

OLED iPads And MacBooks Rumored For 2022
Right now, the only OLED devices from Apple are the iPhones and the Apple Watch. However, there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could actually make the jump to mini LEDs for its other products, which is why we have to say we are a bit skeptical to learn about a new rumor from DigiTimes who claims otherwise.

Amazon Launches GameOn Short-Form Gameplay Footage App On iOS
Amazon’s Twitch platform tends to focus more on PC games and is usually streamed for longer periods of time. However, mobile games can be just as popular which is why Amazon has since announced its new short-form gameplay footage app for mobile devices called GameOn.

Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Could Be Working On An iPad Mini Pro
Apple’s current iPad lineup consists of several models. There is the smallest iPad mini, the iPad, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. However, there could soon be a fifth iPad model, or at least that’s what a post on Korean blog Naver seems to suggest where they claim that Apple could be working on an alleged iPad mini Pro.


Apple Confirms They Do Not Hold Apple ID Hostage Over Missed Apple Card Payments
Recently we came across a story where a man going by the name of Dustin Curtis reported that his Apple ID was held “hostage” over a missed Apple Card payment, or at least that’s what it felt like because the timing seemed to be rather coincidental. This led us to believe that missed Apple Card payments could potentially result in Apple disabling your Apple ID.

Apple Launches A Tool That Transfer iCloud Photos To Google Photos
Usually companies like Apple or Google create tools that make it easier for users to migrate from a competing platform over onto theirs. However, interestingly enough, it seems that Apple has gone the other direction. The company has recently launched a new tool that will help iCloud users transfer their photos and videos over to Google Photos.

YouTuber Creates The World’s First M1 iMac
Apple is expected to launch a new iMac in the near future that will be powered by its M1 chipset. However, a YouTuber by the name of Luke Miani could have beaten Apple to the punch by launching the world’s first iMac powered by an Apple Silicon chipset. How, you ask? By transplanting an M1 Mac mini into an old iMac.

How To Play Stadia On The iPhone And iPad
While Google Stadia does not have an official app on iOS devices yet, it doesn’t mean that iPhone and iPad users are left out of the loop. If you own an iPhone or iPad and want to play Stadia, here’s what you need to do.

Apple Sued In Australia Over Exploding iPhone X
As our phones rely on lithium-ion batteries, it means that there is a chance, no matter how small, that they could explode. This could be due to a variety of reasons, but it is still quite scary to think about. Unfortunately for a man in Australia, Robert De Rose, his iPhone X exploded while it was in his pocket, resulting in him suffering second-degree burns.

Next macOS Update Could Remove Rosetta 2 For Some M1 Macs
In order to help users transition from Intel to M1 based Mac computers, Apple introduced its Rosetta 2 translation software that basically allows x86 apps to run on its M1 computers. However, according to a report from developer Steve Moser, it appears that in the upcoming macOS 11.3 update, it could remove Rosetta 2 from M1 Macs.

Samsung’s 2021 Smart TV Lineup Will Include AirPlay 2 Support
Do you want to be able to stream content from your phone or computer to your TV wirelessly? There are several ways to do that, but if you’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem, AirPlay 2 is your friend, but unfortunately the protocol isn’t exactly available across multiple TV brands, unless you don’t mind springing for one of Samsung’s 2021 TV models.

The Mars Perseverance Rover Uses The Same Processor As Apple’s 1998 iMac G3
Before Apple made the switch to Intel processors, the company was actually using a series of processors called the PowerPC that was co-developed by Apple, Motorola, and IBM. These processors were used in a number of Apple products, including the colorful iMac G3 computers that some of you might recall from the 1990s.

Apple Could Disable Your Apple ID Over Missed Apple Card Payments
We’re sure that a lot of us have once or twice missed a credit card payment, whether it’s because we don’t have the money for it or if we forgot that it was due. Usually what happens is that banks will charge you an interest or impose a late fee penalty for that missed payment and that’s pretty much it.

Apple Could Bring The Original MagSafe Charging To The iPhone
Right now, Apple allows owners of the iPhone 12 series to charge their phones through MagSafe. However, this MagSafe should not be mistaken for the original MagSafe charging that Apple had previously included with its laptops, but according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, Apple could be bringing the original MagSafe to the iPhone.

iPhone Won’t Be Getting USB-C Anytime Soon
Ever since Apple ditched its own proprietary Lightning port for the iPad Pro in favor of a more universal USB-C connection, many have wondered if a similar change could be making its way to the iPhone as well. Unfortunately, it seems that we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet, at least according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

15-inch MacBook Air Could Be In The Works
A rumor from earlier this year suggested that Apple could be working on a “higher-end” Macbook Air. The MacBook Air has been praised by many as being an affordable and somewhat value for money entry into Apple’s ecosystem, but we suppose there are some who might be seeking a bit more power.

Reliable Analyst Claims Foldable iPhone Could Launch In 2023
There have been persistent rumors that claim that Apple could be working on a foldable iPhone. Some have suggested that the device in question could launch in 2023, while others claim that it will launch in 2024. However, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo seems to be leaning more towards 2023.

Apple’s MagSafe Power Bank For The iPhone Could Support Reverse Wireless Charging
Recently, there was a rumor suggesting that one of the new accessories that Apple could be working on is a MagSafe power bank for the iPhone. It feels like this shouldn’t really come as a surprise since we’ve already seen a couple similar third-party accessories, but according to Jon Prosser who spoke on the Genius Bar podcast, it could come with a cool feature.

iPad Pro With M1-Like Chipset Could Be Launching This Year
For Apple’s iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, the company uses its A-series of chipsets. This has been that way for years now, but apparently with the upcoming iPad Pro refresh, that could change. This is according to a video from Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg who hinted at a processor change for the iPad Pro refresh.

2022’s iPhone Could Transition From A Notch To A Hole-Punch Cutout
While other handset makers have transitioned away from the notch design, Apple has continued to use it in their iPhones. However, it seems that the notch won’t be going away anytime soon. In fact, in 2022, Apple is still expected to continue to use it but they might change its design to the hole-punch camera cutout.