In order to remove a virus from your computer, you would first need to be able to identify the right kind of virus with the correct antivirus program or virus removal tool. Well, it is definitely not the most exciting activity you can perform on your computer, but at least it is important enough to warrant some action. Well, the FixMeStick is a new USB stick which intends to make it easier for you to clean your computer and rid it of viruses – just like how the professionals do, or at least that is the product description according to the manufacturer. They claim that all you need to do is place it into a USB slot on your computer, and it will get the job done.


The FixMeStick works as an automatic safe disk which allows you to boot your computer from the drive, where it will then clean up whatever damage that has been done – if possible. I am rather skeptical of a cure-it-all solution though, as antivirus programs tend to play catch up, with a virus definition file update cleaning up the mess once a virus has been identified. Well, using a trio of anti-virus programmes that are powered by Kaspersky Lab, Sophos, and GFI, I guess the FixMeStick does have its fair share of pedigree behind, no

The FixMeStick will retail for $49.99 a pop, and you will have to fork out $29.99 annually to renew the license.

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