This particular 343 shooter is one game that is definitely going to take the world by storm when it launches this coming November 6th, so you might want to mark that date down on your calendars, start saving up for the game itself, or perhaps save even more to purchase a totally new Xbox 360 to go along with the game. Hey, fanboys do tend to act nuts once in a while, and for such a title as this, who knows what some might do? Others will probably play the previous Halo titles just for nostalgia’s sake. In the mean time, you can sit back, put your legs up on the table, and enjoy a sneak screenshot of the Halo 4 title as seen above. Don’t you think that the attention to detail is absolutely gorgeous? Something tells me deep down inside that TV sales are also going to increase with Halo 4 as some folks might just want to upgrade their TVs to whatever is the latest on the market by then.

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