Check out the Viami Series of bathing units that are currently being manufactured and sold by Air Water, where they come fully equipped to the hilt with 11 to 16 special nozzles which are capable of spraying warm ultra-fine particles of 300 microns – all in the name of getting a clean body eventually. This will clearly see use in medical circles, as the NS5000 as it is know will see action primarily in hospitals for those who do not have the physical capacity to be able to bathe themselves. An automated bathing machine, so to speak, where one gets clean in a comfortable and safe manner.

Specially designed to tout 16 nozzles in total, the shower spray is also capable of reaching the person’s back without any issues. It will also help one to warm up in a jiffy thanks to the ultra fine shower particles and sauna effect after spending some time in the NS5000. I wonder whether there will be a commercially available solution in due time, considering how some times, I just feel too lazy to shower before turning myself in for the night due to fatigue.

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