While popular games seem to typically fall into the genre of action, adventure or RPG, there are other games out there that have made waves but aren’t necessarily what you might expect from a game. This includes titles such as Myst, Journey and Dear Esther, which in case some of you guys forgot, is a pretty unique game in its own right and puts players into a rather scenic setting while providing an atmospheric experience with an interesting story and haunting music. The good news is that if you were hoping for a sequel or something similar, the developers thechineseroom has revealed to the folks at BeefJack that they have a new game dubbed Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture.

It will be an open-world styled game and one of the unique features is that each playthrough of the game has been locked to 60 minutes, making players play the game over and over again to see what they have missed. Sure it might not sound very appealing to gamers who care more about stats, achievements and what not, but we guess these sort of games have a pretty niche appeal. The game is expected to see a release in the summer of 2013, and for more info about the game and additional screenshots, pop on over to BeefJack for the details.

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