Apple and Samsung have come to a head and locked horns good and proper in the courtroom, and there are plenty of lawsuits and injunctions being thrown about from left to right and to one another. Well, one development that should be duly taken note of would be the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit extending the temporary stay of Judge Lucy Koh’s preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Basically, what we are saying is this – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can still be sold by Samsung in the US without any steps taken to halt sales of its nature. Samsung had also put in an expedited appeal that will happen this coming August 20th, where a decision is expected to be announced in due course of time.

According to Judge Lucy Koh, Apple had presented a “plausible theory” of irreparable harm and long-term loss of market share from the alleged infringement by Samsung, but Samsung sees things differently since they say that Siri is definitely different from the unified search that is covered in the 604 patent, meaning that particular use of the patent is invalid has been interpreted incorrectly.

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