If yesterday’s story about how Apple was blacklisted in China due to poor aftersales service put you off from purchasing future products, fret not as it seems that Apple has reportedly rolled out some internal changes to its retail stores that should improve the experience for both the customers and the employees alike. We’re not sure if this was coincidental but either way, it’s still good news for those walking into an Apple store to make a purchase or to have a problem addressed. According to the folks at 9to5 Mac, these changes will come in the form of software that employees typically use, and one of the changes also includes how the Genius Bar will be more focused on fixing Mac problems, while iOS issues can be addressed by Genius staff on the main floor. We’re not sure how effective these changes will be, but if you’re interested in seeing the full list of purported changes taking place behind the scenes, head on over to 9to5 Mac for the details.

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