Any geek worth his or her salt would definitely remember the Back to the Future series of movies, where there was the original nutty professor who decided that time travel was possible, and managed to achieve that with the help of a classic DeLorean. Well, there has been many other people who also wanted to discover the secrets of time travel (imagine what can be achieved if that were to be possible), but so far, the laws of physics do not seem to support such a possibility. You might not be able to travel through time, but you can have something to do with the iconic DeLorean though – in the form of this tribute, a DeLorean hovercraft.

Yes sir, what you see above is a video of the DeLorean hovercraft having some time frolicking in McCovey Cove that was just outside of the Giants/Rockies game. This particular DeLorean hovercraft was made possible thanks to funding from Kickstarter, and it was previously given the necessary loving coverage from MAKE. Now if only it can go fast enough to be able to break the fabric of time-space continuum, only to return to the past or dive into the future.

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