EX3D Dual View Eyewear collection offers unparalleled gaming comfort

The latest EX3D Dual View Eyewear collection will deliver a selection of comfortable special gaming glasses in the UK, where it will be available from next month onwards. Allowing multi-play gamers to view only their own screen in full screen glory, you can be sure that your gaming experience will be enhanced, although I would say that it will not be revolutionary. In fact from November onwards, gamers are able to enjoy improved visual clarity courtesy of the new EX3D Call of Duty Gaming Eyewear, but if you happen to be at IFA 2012 Berlin, Germany, you will be able to catch a glimpse of both pair of glasses in action.

The EX3D Dual View Game Eyewear will cost £35 in the UK, where it comes in a pair of two glasses, one with two left lenses while the other will carry two right lenses. They are able to individually filter passive 3D signals for players who play a split-screen game, letting each player see only their own half of the screen even when gaming using the same TV set, hence helping cut down on cheating while increasing the competitive level. [Press Release]

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