Instagram, the company that was purchased for a cool $1 billion thereabouts by social network giant Facebook, is back with a spanking new version of its software, calling it Instagram 3.0 (but of course!). Apart from fixing some of the speed and safety issues, Instagram 3.0 will also make improvement by introducing infinite scrolling as well as Photo Maps, where the latter is a geolocation feature that Instagram hopes to explore. Just how does Photo Maps work?

For instance, Photo Maps are a map-based display of the photos that you have already captured and added a geotag to it. Images snapped before the version 3.0 update are also eligible, although you could always take advantage of a toggle to turn them visible on your map, or simply to go down in a gung-ho manner, the proverbial guns blazing and all, with one more option of opting out altogether. [Q&A]

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