It goes without saying that the more you drink, chances are the poison of your choice will leave you inebriated sooner or later, where your speech starts to slur, you make unintelligible sense of your words, while ensuring that you return home single and available yet again. Well, there is nothing quite like receiving some outside help in the form of the £59.99 Medea L.E.D Vodka that not only holds your favorite brew inside, it will also help display a pre-programmed message that you had set before you went out binge drinking with the rest of your mates, making you look cool even when your mental faculties are all out of whack.

Sporting award-winning distilled Vodka in the bottle, each message is capable of holding up to 255 characters – take that, Twitter! The Medea L.E.D Vodka is capable of storing and displaying half a dozen messages, where each message will be able to run for up to 30 minutes before it is turned off automatically. The built-in battery will offer around 40 hours of continuous battery life, so will the battery run out first – or will you finish drinking all the vodka instead?

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