If you use an Android device, chances are you look at the status/notification bar quite a bit. Unlike iOS where notifications of missed calls, updates or messages can also be viewed as badges on the app’s icon, the notification bar on Android will display pretty much everything, i.e. missed calls, emails, text messages, app updates, Facebook/Twitter notifications and etc. If you feel that your current notification bar isn’t as efficient as you’d like it to be, there are tweaks out there available for download, such as the Omega Status Bar that has been developed by XDA member, A Dev@Calsto. This app is said to be able to work on Android devices running on 2.1 through to 4.1, so we expect that many of you guys out there on older devices shouldn’t have an issue running it. We have to admit it looks pretty good and if you’re looking for a status/notification bar replacement, then perhaps you might want to pop on over to the XDA forums to see if the Omega Status Bar might be the one for you.

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