S.O.S! Save our sheep with this sheep collarBeing a shepherd is not quite the relaxing job that some of us might dream of, especially when you are all alone out there in the wilderness, making sure that not a single one of those four legged walking lamb chops will not wander off and get themselves into trouble, not to mention guarding them against other predatory animals in the wild. Needless to say, shepherds will need to have sensitive ears, too, listening to their sheep cry before coming to their rescue. Scientists in Switzerland might have a tool that could very well assist shepherds in their job – by developing a heart-monitoring collar which will text the shepherd whenever his flock’s heart rates increase – and one of the ways this could happen would be the presence of a ravenous wolf.

This sheep collar has been effectively tested in a recent experiment in the Bernese Alps, where a dozen sheep were fitted with this particular collar, followed by letting loose a pair of muzzled wolves. A final prototype is being worked on, and the Swiss scientists hope to get this particular collar up and ready for testing purposes in 2013. We believe that future iterations of this collar will come with a wolf-repellent chemical spray, now how about that?

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