If you are an avid cyclist, you would know that one of the most important things to wear when you head outdoors would be a helmet. Not just any helmet, but a fitting one, as one that is too large would do you no good in the event where your head takes a knock, and one that is too tight, well, you certainly would not want to cycle around with a headache, do you? Carerra believes that they have the solution for those on a budget, with their very own bicycle helmet that expands and contracts like an accordion, thanks to an elastic fitting system which will mold the helmet to the rider’s head.

This makes it a perfect fit each time, although for folks who are more concerned with personal hygiene, it will not bother you since you won’t lend out your Carerra bicycle helmet to others in the first place. This helmet sports rigid lateral segments and adjustable straps which will lock into place, allowing it to fit snugly on your head. Each time you remove it, you can press the helmet together so that it shrinks, while reducing the amount of space required in your bag compared to a standard bicycle helmet.

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