A UK woman who is paralyzed from the chest down due to a horse riding accident has gained the distinction of being the first person – male or female, to bring home a robotic exoskeleton which allows her to maintain a newfound sense of freedom, that is, to be able to walk. Claire Lomas, having completed the London Marathon earlier in May, has been given permission to bring home the ReWalk suit so that she can use it to get up and about every day.


Of course, Claire took far longer than any other able-bodied person to complete the London Marathon earlier this year, as she took a total of 17 days, but along the way, she raised approximately $317,900, where all of that money will be used for research into spinal damage. The entire ReWalk suit costs approximately 45,000 pounds, and we hope that Claire will be able to put her new set of “legs” to experience all that life has to offer. Way to go, girl!

Update: Dave MacCalman of New Zealand is the first person to bring home the Rex Exoskeleton. Rex Bionics sold their first exoskeleton to Dave, a New Zealand Paralympian, more than a year back. In fact, around 30 people worldwide has already brought home the Rex Exoskeleton to date.

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