Just what do you think of the Android mascot? I find it really cute and it can be suited up to accommodate many different situations, literally wearing a slew of hats for various festivals if you want it to. Well, here is another clever use of the Android mascot that comes in the form of the Cry-on Series 3 Android collectible. To put it in a nutshell, this is an Android Krylon spray paint which can be shaken, it might be able to motivate you into tagging your office wall. Don’t worry about getting caught in the act of vandalism, as there is no actual paint residing within, but it will still sound and look like it.

Word also has it that the shipments of Series 3 collectibles have cleared customs, and are ready to be sold to adoring masses. We are looking at a time frame of just days away from the Cry-on Series 3 Android collectible to be shipped to retailers, before your favorite delivery person drops it off at your doorsteps.

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