If you have been following the Grand Theft Auto franchise, then you probably know that Grand Theft Auto 3 was the first GTA game that allowed players to play from a 3D third person perspective, compared to GTA 1 and 2 which offered a top down perspective in 2D, both of which were and are still extremely fun. In any case if you haven’t played GTA before and are clueless as to all these GTA references made in pop culture, Rockstar has announced that GTA 3 is now available for purchase from the PlayStation Store for $9.99/£7.99/€9.99. This is most certainly not a new game, especially with GTA 5 pegged for a possible 2012/2013 release (depending on which rumor you want to buy), but for those who are looking to relive a classic, or perhaps looking to try it for the first time, just head on over to the PlayStation Store to get your copy!

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