You might be the resident macho man around your home, but does this mean your pain tolerance when it comes to needles and pin pricks are able to live up to the rest of your legend? For those who have an extreme phobia of needles, you might be interested to hear of the latest medical development that involves laser injections, touted to be less painful when compared to standard issue needles. Whenever the microjet is fired from the laser, the liquid will be sent out at speeds of 30m per second, and this wonderful invention is courtesy of South Korean scientists. I would suppose that if this system were to be tested successfully, it would eventually make the traditional needle obsolete, where a jab is similar to being hit with a puff of air.

At point of publishing, this laser already sees action in aesthetic skin treatments, where the ultimate aim is to churn out low-cost injectors for clinical use. The laser itself is called “erbium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet”, or Er:YAG for short, with the jet of air being a wee bit larger than the width of a human hair.

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