For people who want their power tools to feel like weapons, the cordless drill must be unsatisfying. Sure, it is the power tool that most resembles a modern firearm, but using it feels more like a musket than a minigun. The reason? Pesky bits. If you’re screwing something in, then drilling something, then screwing a different bit in, you’ll have to manually change the bit in the drill at the muzzle three whole times. That’s probably why Torx added a revolver style bit cartridge and a handgun-style slide to the normally boring power screwdriver. The Worx SD Semi-Automatic Power Screwdriver comes with a LED work light, a 4V lithium-ion battery, and fully charges in 3 hours. But the real selling point is the mechanism that allows the user to rack the slide, then change bits from a six-cylinder chamber that’s a dead giveaway for a revolver. So if, say, a carpenter needed to screw in six different screws in succession, the Worx Power Screwdriver could conceivably save him a couple seconds. Also, he’ll look way cooler. Progress.

The Worx SD Semi-Automatic Screwdriver is available for pre-order for $50 from Amazon.

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