Just yesterday, we reported that the Kindle Fire as well as the Kindle Fire HD might be “hack resistant”, as in their bootloaders are locked so that you cannot mess with the software bit of either tablet. Well, assuming your mourned upon hearing such news, it is not time to throw off the sackcloth and wash away the ash on your head just yet, as there are reliable sources which “confirmed” that the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2, too, will come with a locked bootloader.

This particular act of blocking will “prevent its users from installing proper custom ROMs with kernels and radios”. Good thing there is more than one road to Rome, so chances are someone out there with the will and know-how will be able to figure out a way to circumvent this particular locked bootloader. Surely past experience of overcoming this obstacle on Verizon’s locked devices will come in handy this time around. Definitely an inconvenience that some Verizon customers might prefer to avoid, but c’est la vie, no?

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