Verizon LG V20 Oreo Update Released

While most Android users with compatible devices are looking forward to receiving the Android Pie update, there are some who have yet to get Oreo. This has been the case for LG V20 owners on Verizon who are just now receiving the Android 8 Oreo update. Verizon is finally rolling out the update for this handset on its network.

US Carriers Band Together To Launch ‘Project Verify’

As we have said in the past, the humble password is not necessarily the best way of securing your online accounts. This is because due to people generally choosing bad passwords for themselves, which can be easily guessed. This has led to the rise of two-factor authentication systems and also hardware keys like Google’s Titan.

Verizon’s 5G Home Broadband Launches In October

Are you looking forward to checking out how fast 5G internet speeds are? While we’re still waiting on smartphones to be launched that supports the technology, it seems that those at home can soon start to experience 5G connectivity as Verizon has announced plans to launch their 5G home broadband service come 1st of October.

Verizon Launches BOGO Deal For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 does not come cheap and seems to be part of today’s flagship phones which are priced at the $1,000 mark. This means that if you were hoping to get more than one unit, maybe one for yourself and the other for your friend or partner, it’s going to cost a pretty penny.


Verizon’s 5G Broadband Will Include YouTube TV, Apple TV 4K

5G is expected to be the next standard in mobile connectivity, and as expected it will be faster than what is offered in the market today. How much faster, you ask? According to a report from Variety, it seems that it will be fast enough to the point where Verizon is comfortable including YouTube TV and Apple TV 4K as part of its 5G broadband bundle.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Orders Are Now Open

We’re sure that many were pretty impressed with what Samsung had in store for us when they officially announced the Galaxy Note 9. If it was good enough to impress you to the point where you would buy it, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the handset is now available for pre-order from carriers or directly through Samsung.

Verizon Unlimited Customers Get Free Apple Music For Six Months

There are obvious advantages to subscribing to an unlimited plan with your carrier, namely in the form of unlimited data. However if you’re a Verizon Unlimited customer, it seems that you’ve just been given an additional perk in the form of a free six month subscription to Apple Music, which is available to both new and current subscribers.

Verizon Could Offer BOGO Deal For Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Orders

If you’re thinking of getting the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you might be interested in getting it from Verizon if you want a good deal. This is because according to a leak from My Verizon app, it appears that the carrier could be getting ready to launch a BOGO deal for the Note 9 if you were to pre-order it.

Moto Z3 Announced For Verizon With 5G Moto Mod

With carriers beginning to roll out 5G coverage this year and expect a wider roll out next year, it means that as consumers, we need to start looking out for 5G capable handsets. The good news is that Verizon has you covered because together with Motorola, they have launched the Moto Z3 with a 5G Moto Mod.

Verizon’s Safe WiFi Will Protect Users When Using Public WiFi

It has often been advised that public WiFi networks aren’t necessarily the most secure, so when using it, it might not necessarily be the best idea to log into your banking accounts, make financial transactions, or access sensitive documents lest you end up having your information intercepted or spied upon.

Houston Is Verizon’s Third 5G City For 2018

Verizon has previously confirmed that it will be rolling out its 5G service to two cities later this year. Big Red today revealed its third 5G market for the year. The company today announced plans to launch 5G in Houston starting in the second half of this year. It’s the third city that the carrier has confirmed as part of its four market 5G deployment plan for residential 5G broadband. […]

Verizon May Team Up With Apple Or Google For 5G TV Service

Verizon is looking to launch its fixed 5G broadband service later this year and it appears that the company wants to team up with other companies for its live TV over 5G service. A report claims that Verizon is mulling a possible partnership with either Google or Apple for this matter.

Verizon Will No Longer Be Activating Older 3G-Only Phones

With 5G expected to become the new standard of mobile internet connectivity, this means that eventually older network standards will be phased out, kind of like how 2G isn’t quite as prevalent anymore compared to 3G and 4G, and we expect that eventually 3G will go the way of the dinosaur as well.

Verizon Moto Z Play Gets Android 8.0 Oreo

Google released the near-final beta build of Android P yesterday and yet there are still devices which haven’t been updated to Android 8.0. The Moto Z Play on Verizon is one of those devices and the country’s largest mobile carrier has finally started rolling out the Oreo update for this device today.