So all the furore surrounding a flying saucer has a source, and unfortunately for X-philes, that would mean there are no extra terrestrial lifeforms out there to contact. Recently declassified documents by the US Air Force have depicted a flying saucer that seems to hail from a Cold War-era plan. The whole idea was to construct a round, vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and what else would you call this other than a flying saucer?

Having said that, who are we to say that there has been no attempts to come up with working prototypes of such an aircraft? That might just explain the numerous flying saucer sightings in the past near Area 51, don’t you think so? It would be really cool if we were to be able to get our eyes on an actual flying saucer prototype that has a human behind the controls instead of a large headed, green blooded alien whose only phrase it knows in our language is, “Take me to your leader.”

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