Unmanned Combat Drone Hits Crazy Speeds Of Over 1,500mph
Unmanned combat drones aren’t exactly new. We’ve heard about them and read about them being used in warfare, but it seems that we could be reaching new heights in drone technology. This is thanks to Kelley Aerospace who have managed to craft an unmanned combat drone that can hit speeds of over 1,500mph.

US Army Wants To Create An Autonomous Drone Charging System
The problem with the vast majority of drones is that they don’t last particularly long in the air. For regular users, it might not be that big of a deal, but when it comes to military usage, battery life could pose a bigger problem as it could affect things like surveillance missions and so on, but that’s something the US Army wants to change.

The US Army Is Putting AR Goggles On Dogs
You know those cool heads-up displays we typically see in sci-fi or action movies? Turns out that the US army wants them too, and it seems that they have already implemented something similar. However, it appears that soldiers won’t be wearing these goggles, instead it looks like military dogs will be given them instead.

Ghost 4 Military Drone Uses AI For Surveillance And Attacks
The concept of drones raises mixed feelings in people. For some, drones are viewed as recreational devices where they can be used to take photos and videos, while others view drones as an invasion of privacy and also where they can be used in warfare to conduct surveillance on the enemy and also launch attacks.


Robot Dogs Could Soon Be Patrolling USAF Bases
We’ve all seen the movies where robots patrol compounds. The thing about robots is that they don’t tire and they also can “see” more than humans and could spot things a human might otherwise miss due to fatigue or just outright laziness. So it doesn’t really come a surprise to learn that the US Air Force has tested out using robot dogs to help protect their bases.

AI Beats Human F-16 Pilot In Simulated Dogfight
It is largely believed that one day, many jobs could eventually be replaced by robots. This is because robots pretty much do whatever humans tell them to do. There is no slacking off, and there are no issues with robots getting tired, falling sick, or having to take leave to deal with personal issues.

US Navy Tests A Laser Cannon That Can Shoot Down Aircrafts
Whenever we watch TV shows or movies set in the distant future, more often than not guns that would have used bullets are replaced with laser blasters. This also seems to be a common trope in space battles where instead of firing projectiles, aircrafts use lasers instead to shoot things down.

Check Out The Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition
If there is a problem with today’s flagship smartphones, is that they are not only incredibly expensive, but are pretty fragile too. This is because the phones were mostly designed to look good, and not necessarily rugged. However, it seems that Samsung thinks they can do both by creating the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition.

The Pentagon Has Officially Released Declassified Videos Showing UFOs
Are UFOs real? Over the decades we have come across various stories, photos, and videos that allegedly show UFOs, but it’s hard to tell if those photos and videos are the real deal. For those who wonder if there might life on other planets or galaxies, it’s starting to look like we might not be alone.

Apple Reportedly Pulls Its AI From The Pentagon’s Drone Program
Apple isn’t exactly known for having military contracts. The closest they have ever gotten was when they teamed up with the Pentagon to develop high-tech wearables for the military. However, the company did find themselves with a military contract when they acquired AI startup, Xnor.ai.

TikTok App Faces Ban From The US Army For Government Phones
The popular entertainment app ‘TikTok” has been on the radar of US officials for a long time. Some believe that the TikTok app might come in handy for the Chinese government to spy on the United States.As consumers – we cannot make a comment for its potential security (or safety) without inspecting everything needed.However, following guidance from the Pentagon, the US Army has banned the usage of the TikTok app […]

Following An Accident, US Navy Will Ditch Touchscreen Controllers For Physical Ones
In all the science fiction TV shows and movies we see, it all seems to depict a future in which everything we seem to interact with is either made using a touchscreen display or a hologram. As it stands, a lot of our gadgets are already making that transition, but it seems that as far as the US Navy are concerned, physical controls are still the best.

France's Satellites Could Have Guns And Lasers For Defense
France announced the creation of its own space ford earlier this month. The new branch will be tasked with defending the country’s satellites. It seems that the space force will be quite serious when it comes to protecting the satellites. France has announced a program which will develop nano satellites that tout guns and lasers.

France's Army Is Hiring Science Fiction Writers To Think Of Future Threats
Science fiction writers have an incredible imagination. They can dream up events and technologies that might not be possible today but could become possible decades down the line. In order to figure out what its armed forces might be up against in the future. the French military is hiring science fiction writers.

New Jammer Technology Was Used By The U.S. To Down Iranian Drone
President Donald Trump had announced a couple of days ago that the USS Boxer had taken down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz. It wasn’t detailed just how the drone had been shot down. However, a report reveals that the U.S. likely used new jammer technology to take down the Iranian drone.

U.S. Begins Testing Armored Robotic Vehicles Next Year
The United States Army has announced that it will be conducting live-fire tests of armored robotic vehicles starting next year. The new Robotic Combat Vehicles will be put through tests that are designed to showcase the technologies that will eventually make their way into the vehicles that actually go into combat in the future.

Russia Wants To Equip Its Soldiers With Bomb-Carrying Drones
We’ve seen how drones can be used in the military where they can be used for surveillance purposes or even attacks. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we’ve also seen how small drones can get, which makes bringing them around a pretty easy thing to do, and Russia is hoping to leverage that for its military.

U.S. Army Releases Audiobook Versions Of Its Training Manuals
The U.S. Army would obviously like its soldiers to read up on all of the training manuals that they’re providing. However, it now appears to have realized that there’s a better way of transmitting that same information, and that is with the use of audiobooks. They’re extremely popular and with good reason, you can multi-tasking while listening to an audiobook. The U.S. Army has released its first audiobook versions of […]

A Bird Strike Caused An Air Force Plane To Accidentally Drop Three Bombs On Florida
Birds fly in the sky, and so do planes, which means that there are times when a bird and a plane might collide. According to the FAA, this actually happens more often than we think, where they estimate that there are 14,000 bird strikes that happen on an annual basis in US airports. For the most part, they don’t really affect operations all that much, but there are times when […]

Pentagon's Laser Can Identify People From Far Away By Just Their Heartbeat
Much like how our fingerprints are different from each other, so are our cardiac signatures. They can be used to identify individuals and Pentagon has developed something which can even do that from a distance. A new device has been developed for the Pentagon which can identify people based on their cardiac signature.