US Marines Can 3D Print Concrete Barracks In 40 Hours

When we think of the construction of buildings, this is usually a process that is seen as taking a while, at least not as far as as makeshift buildings are concerned. However it appears that the US Marines have managed to figure out a way that will allow them to 3D print concrete barracks in as little time as 40 hours.

China’s ‘Laser AK-47’ Can Set Skin On Fire From A Kilometer Away

Laser weapons have long been a fixture in science fiction but recent developments suggest that the technology is actively being developed for military use. According to a new report, China has developed a “laser AK-47” which is capable of setting human skin on fire from a kilometer (0.6 miles) away.

US Army Testing AI That Can Predict When To Repair Vehicles

Just like how we should probably see a doctor when we start to feel that there’s something not right with our bodies, the same can be said for vehicles too. If you hear a weird sound or if the car starts driving a little strange, you’ll want to take it get checked before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Google Reportedly Decides Not To Renew Its Military AI Contract

Recently it was discovered that Google had taken on a military contract in which they would be helping develop AI for use in drones, where it would be used to speed up the analysis of drone footage by classifying images of objects and people. This was very controversial and more than a handful of Google employees resigned in protest, while thousands signed a petition against it.


Google Employees Resigning En Masse In Protest Against Pentagon Contract

Companies take on all kinds of work from time to time which is pretty much how they make money. Government contracts are particularly lucrative, but in the case of Google, it seems that many of its employees do not agree with the company apparently taking on a job by the Pentagon to develop artificial intelligence (AI) for use in drones.

Doctors Grow Ear In Arm For Reconstructive Surgery

There are animals out there who can regenerate certain body parts, and to a certain extent humans also have regenerative features, but not to the extent of regenerating missing limbs. However it seems that doctors have come up with a different approach, which is to try and regrow a missing appendage by transplanting it onto a different part of our body.

New U.S. Navy Submarine Has An Xbox Controller

The USS Colorado went into service yesterday, it’s the largest Virginia-class attack submarine that the country’s navy has currently. The new submarine went into service from the aval Submarine Base New London in Connecticut and unlike submarines before it, the 377-foot-long and 7,800-ton sub is the first attack submarine to use an Xbox controller for maneuvering the photonics masts.

DARPA Hopes To ‘Slow Time’ In Order To Save Lives On The Battlefield

In emergency situations like on the battlefield, medics might have minutes or even seconds to save the life of a soldier who has been injured. However if DARPA has their way, they might have come up with an idea on how to make that window a bit bigger. How, you ask? By slowing down time (via Engadget).

DARPA Plans To Use Marine Life To Monitor The Ocean For Threats

The ocean is vast and very, very deep, which means that we still have a lot to learn when it comes to learning how to traverse it. This means that monitoring the ocean for threats can be a daunting task, and this is an issue that DARPA acknowledges. So much so that they are working on a new program that would tap into nature to do the monitoring for them.

Western US To Experience GPS Disruptions Due To USAF GPS Jamming Tests

If you rely on GPS heavily for things like work, research, or school, then you might want to take note that over the course of the next couple of weeks, the US Air Force will be conducting combat tests in the western US which will involve the jamming of GPS, resulting in GPS being disrupted temporarily.

Boeing’s New Autonomous Plane Refuels Fighter Jets Midair

Fighter jets rely on midair refueling to extend their range. Militaries across the globe use airborne tankers that are capable of refueling their fighter jets while they’re airbone. Boeing has now unveiled a new kind of airborne tanker and it’s one that doesn’t require a pilot. Boeing’s new autonomous plane has been desgined to refuel U.S. Navy fighter jets midair.

US Military Testing System That Can 3D Print Drones On Demand

Drones, like tanks, fighter jets, and other military vehicles and machinery are finite, meaning that if you destroy enough there will be none left. So imagine a situation where an enemy has shot down the military’s remaining drone, what then? Or better yet, imagine if the situation were such that the military could simply 3D print a new drone and have it operational in a short amount of time.

DARPA Wants To Create Plants That Act As Biohazard Sensors

Sensors used for agricultural purposes aren’t new. Companies have created sensors that farmers can use to detect things, like pollutants in the air, moisture in the soil, and so on. However given that plants are actually pretty good sensors themselves and can react naturally to stimuli and external changes, why not use them instead?

Pentagon Accidentally Exposed Internet Surveillance Data

The Department of Defense probably didn’t want poeple to know that it has been collecting billions of public internet posts from news sites, social media networks, and online forums. The cat was let out of the bag accidentally when it exposed the internet surveillance data on its cloud-based storage server. The online storage misconfiguration allowed anyone with a free Amazon AWS account to browse and even download the data.