Amazon has released a new online tool (which is free to boot, now how about that?) that enables organizations to manage a “fleet of Kindles” while distribute Kindle books, documents and apps sans wires. Yes sir, the advent of a paperless school or library is not exactly that achievable in the near future, but with Amazon Whispercast for Kindle, it is a step forward. Whispercast for Kindle has been touted to be a “scalable” online tool that helps an organization deploy Kindle devices and Kindle content.

Whispercast has been tested on the sly over the past few months in several organizations, and regardless of whether it is a school or company, the organization can opt to distribute Kindle hardware to students or employees, or let them bring their own devices and be part of the program. Needless to say, Whispercast will play nice with the entire slew of Kindles, whether they are e-readers or tablets, in addition to supporting devices that run the Kindle app, meaning those using PCs, iOS devices and Android smartphones and tablets will also be privy to take advantage of Amazon Whispercast. Do you think Whispercast will catch on in a big way? It sure as heck gives no excuses for students for not receiving that assignment or paper for real. [Press Release]

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