Ah, convergence devices. That is how we ended up with the smartphone, where the Treo of long ago forged the path ahead of a Palm-powered device with phone functionality, but what you get with Art Factory’s Massage Mouse is very much out of the ordinary. After all, not many people would associate a massager to be embedded with a mouse, would they? Art Factory did not let that deter them, coming up with with a state-of-the-art touch-sensitive mouse alongside the convenience of a powerful massager crammed into a single device.

There are 10 vibration levels to choose from as well as two massaging modes, where you can switch over to massage mode at any point in time in order to rub those troubles away while the office is giving you hell, and once your muscles are soothed, you will be able to switch back to mouse mode, where hopefully, you are feeling refreshed after that. Right now, the Massage Mouse remains a prototype, although do expect it to be paraded at CES 2013. [Press Release]

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