If you live in those cold regions where winters are not a kind time of the year, you may be on the lookout for the latest warm-up gear to help you through the season. Gloves are a rather conventional part of the winter gear, to keep the hands warm. Add a bit of technology to these gloves and they become even more effective.

The Chaval Reponse XRT Heated gloves are a unique pair of gloves which come with some added heating. These gloves are internally set with a thin polymer film, which in turn gets the heat from an AC adapter which can be used to charge them.

To start the automated heating feature, you simply have to press a button on the glove and that gets the ball rolling. There are no manual controls to tweak the exact temperature but worry not – because these gloves come with the ability to sense the temperature of your hands and then adjust the heat supplied accordingly, thanks to the nanotechnology which goes into them.

The heat that is supplied by the gloves is evenly distributed throughout which is what the polymer film is for. The gloves cost a $390 which makes them rather expensive. But then, that depends on how cold the winters are in your region and how desperately you want to keep your hands warm.

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