We’re sure that many of us have stood in front of an airport luggage conveyor belt after an extremely long flight, we’re tired, our body is sore and we just want to get into the cab and go home (or to a hotel). Sometimes we luck out and our baggage is among the first to start rolling out, but sometimes we’re not so lucky and we end up waiting for 15 minutes. Granted the waiting is not so much an issue but when you see how slow those conveyor belts move, well it’s akin to watching paint dry. The folks in Japan at the Daifuku company are hoping to change that with a new conveyor belt system that they claim has the ability to travel 600 meters per minute!

Not only is this proposed system faster than the ones employed at airports, but they also come with RFID tags which allows the system to scan the bags and decide where they should go. Each bag is placed upon a tray of its own with an RFID tag, which at the same time serves another purpose which is to prevent bags from ending up on top of each other. This will hopefully put an end to situations where baggage comes out of the belt on top of each other, possibly damaging items within the bag at the same time. No word on when airports around the world plan on switching to Daifuku’s system, but hopefully it won’t be too long. In the meantime you can check out the system in action in the video above.

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