You can more or less say that Halo 4 is going to be a definite hit when it arrives on the Xbox 360, considering the large following that the franchise has garnered over the years. The thing is, you know that this $3 billion franchise needs to meet the expectations of the casual gamer, regular gamer and hardcore fanboys, so plenty of work needs to be done to ensure the optimal gaming experience. This translates to pumping in a whole lot of money as well during the development process, with fingers crossed that a lemon will not be produced. When talking to Polygon Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer described Halo 4 as the “most important entertainment product in the company” and when pressed on whether it is also the most expensive, he answered, “Absolutely. Nothing’s even close.”

Joystiq claims that Halo 3 cost somewhere in the region of $60 million to develop and market, but it paid off in the end since launching in 2007, raking in a cool $300 million globally in its first week of sales alone. This means Halo 4 will definitely cost far more than $60 million, and we will find out this coming November 6th whether it is going to break new sales records or not.

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