Do you have an awesome sound system setup in your home, but wish you could wirelessly stream music to it? While there are devices out there that allow for wireless streaming, the variety that consumers can choose from, versus the total number of speakers out there is pretty unbalanced, which means that in order to go for the best possible audio quality, some features like wireless streaming will have to be sacrificed. Well the good news is that Harmon Kardon has announced the BTA 10, a Bluetooth adapter that promises to allow for wireless streaming to any home theater receiver or sound dock.

It will pair with your device via Bluetooth and you can pair up to eight different devices at once, meaning that at a party you will have up to eight different playlists and music libraries from your party-goers to play from. The BTA 10 will ship with an RCA cable and a 3.5mm auxiliary cable and with its Bluetooth connectivity, this means that it won’t be limited to a particular platform and devices running on iOS, Android and Windows should be able to play nicely with it. Measuring 2”x2”, it is small enough to be inconspicuous and will set you back $59. More details can be found on Harmon Kardon’s website.

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