It seems that Kaspersky is not content with merely creating security-based software. Nope, according to Eugene Kaspersky, it looks like the company has their sights on creating an operating system of their own, one which they claim will be more secure than Apple, Microsoft or other open source distributions from the open source community. Rather grand claims, but what is it about Kaspersky’s own operating system that supposedly will make it more secure than anything on the market at the moment? Well according to Eugene Kaspersky:

“First: our system is highly tailored, developed for solving a specific narrow task, and not intended for playing Half-Life on, editing your vacation videos, or blathering on social media. Second: we’re working on methods of writing software which by design won’t be able to carry out any behind-the-scenes, undeclared activity. This is the important bit: the impossibility of executing third-party code, or of breaking into the system or running unauthorized applications on our OS; and this is both provable and testable.”

It sounds like an extremely tailored solution and might not be one that will appeal to the masses. However given that they do specialize in security, perhaps they might be better equipped at closing security holes. In any case there was no word on when Kaspersky’s operating system will be launched, but it will be interesting to see how it holds up against the competition when it does.

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