It seems that the modern day touchscreen has taken over just about most computing aspects – ranging from smartphones to tablets, portable media players and of course, computers – notebooks and desktops alike. Well, the Magic Finger which is the brainchild of Autodesk Research, the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto, might usher in a new future as well in terms of interacting with the computer. The Magic Finger comprises of a small micro camera and optical flow sensor which will be attached to your finger. This particular device is capable of telling the difference in surface, such as distinguishing a desk, a sheet of paper or even skin, while recognizing 2D data matrix codes in addition to supporting a pinch function which can be programmed to trigger computer commands.

Apart from input and control functions, the Magic Finger is also capable of acting as an intermediary between other Magic Finger units when it comes to data transfer. In summary, the Magic Finger is sensitive enough to sense 22 textures with an accuracy level of 98.9%, opening up a whole new world of multimedia controller possibilities. No idea on whether the prototype Magic Finger will eventually end up as commercially available, as only time will be able to tell.

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