It was earlier in October that the Sony Xperia Tablet S was said to experience a manufacturing error that resulted in the purported tablet’s waterproof capability being gimped – basically, a gap has occurred between the display and the back of the unit, allowing water as well as other liquids (such as coffee and Coke) to the Xperia S’s inner sanctum, understandably short circuiting whatever is in there along the way. This was discovered by the folks at Sony, who then promptly halted the sales of the Xperia S – after 100,000 of those tablets had been shipped worldwide. Sony mentioned that they will spare no expense to repair all of the defective tablets without the customer having to fork out a single cent, and will also offer a free inspection for folks who picked up the Xperia S before sales of it were halted.

What happens to those who took the water resistant claims seriously and tested it, only to find that the Xperia Tablet S did not live up to expectations? Well, we are not too sure about that, but it seems that the manufacturing issue has been fixed, and the Sony online store in the US has listed the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models under the “Coming Soon” segment.

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