While there are portable stove solutions for camping, there’s always room for innovation and improvement, especially if it can save you some space and reduce the bulk in which campers have to haul with them. Designer Virang Akhiyaniya has thought about that and has come up with a rather interesting solution called the Throbber. Unsavory connotations aside, these are aluminum balls which can be placed in pots filled with liquid to heat it up, cooking the contents of the pot in the process.

While we’re sure that there’s more to the technology than meets the eye, Akhiyaniya has described the Throbber of featuring an induction coil, power circuit and vibration circuit, in which the vibration circuit is used to help the Throbber move around in the pot on its own. In fact its designer has also suggested that the Throbber can be operated via a mobile device. Sounds pretty interesting but unfortunately it looks like a concept for now, but what do you guys think? Would you be interested in bringing the Throbber with you on camping trips?

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