If you’re a DJ and you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, especially after your current pair has been abused enough during gigs, Ultrasone has announced the Signature DJ headphones which according to the company, are a pair of “high-end” headphones designed for professional DJs in mind. As such DJs can expect that these pair of headphones will be made from quality materials and reliable components that will withstand nightly use, and these are some of the features that Ultrasone has promised.

The Signature DJ headphones are also handmade over at Ultrasone’s production facilities in Bavaria and feature scratch-proof and unbreakable glass nameplates, although we’re not sure if you should be putting them to the test. The headphones also feature leather material taken from the Ethiopian long-haired sheep which apparently does not perish nor does it become porous and should provide a pretty comfortable experience even when wearing them for long hours on end.

As for the tech specs of these headphones, the Signature DJ headphones boast a 50mm Mylar driver which features a low impedance of 32 ohms and a sound pressure of 115dB. It also features a frequency range of 5Hz to 32kHz and thanks to its closed design, the Signature DJ headphones are said to offer a “clear mid and silky treble”. We can’t attest to those claims as we have not tried these headphones out ourselves, but if you like what you read, you can head to Ultrasone’s dealers to give them a try. No word on pricing but we don’t expect these pair of headphones to be cheap. [Press release]

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